Corned Beef Tongue


Below is one method of corning any type of tongue, the beef tongue is very large so it needs to cure for 1 week.  You can add herbs and spices to your salt cure too.  If you are going to cook more then 1 tongue at a time you can braise them in a deep hotel pan covered in the oven.

5 Responses to “Corned Beef Tongue”

  1. I like the sprouts on there man!!! Awesome layout for recipes!!!!

  2. This looks awesome. What made you decide on that particular mix of flavors for the braising liquid, rather than the traditional corned beef flavors?

  3. bestbyfarr Says:

    To Barzelay
    I really like how the combination of those flavors taste and I feel it brings a nice balance to a gamey braised item. It’s nice for sauce or clarifying for terrine or consomme. I have also used the braising liquid for noodle soup with a bunch of fresh veggies, chicken, herbs and chinese mustard.

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  5. […] I get a chance, although that’s not always wise. bad lengua is really fucking shitty. Check Ryan’s blog about how to make it, I’m going to have to try this shit because that corned tongue was […]

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