Mmmmm… Bacon


5 Responses to “Mmmmm… Bacon”

  1. I really appreciate these step by step accounts of your processes. It looks fantastic!

    I have cured and smoked my own bacon several times at home. The biggest problem is that I am unable to slice it evenly. As a result, it doesn’t cook up very evenly and is difficult to crisp uniformly. Do you have any suggestions on how to slice bacon without a deli slicer?

  2. bestbyfarr Says:

    Make sure your bacon is cooked threw, really cold and you have a meat carving knife that is longer then the slice you plan on cutting. While you are slicing your bacon try to slice with one movement instead of a sawing motion. I have a home deli slicer that I bought online for around a 100$ and it works just fine. Good luck, thanks for the support and the good question.

  3. wow. fantastic. a for effort. i’m having a five course iron chef-style bacon smackdown next week and i only wish i had enough time to do this whole process. looks awesome!

  4. Joe Russell Says:


    For $100 the ‘Chef’s Choice’ slicer works great… sure wish I had a Hobart, but thats some big bux.

    BTW, great stuff Ryan…


  5. […] the students and I have completely made hot dogs, consomme, rolled face, rendered lard and bacon.  We currently are curing curried copa.  In the future the step by step process with the finished […]

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