Spicy Beef Tendon


6 Responses to “Spicy Beef Tendon”

  1. That looks ridiculously good.

  2. Could I just say to a butcher, “I want some beef tendons,” and get this? My inlaws are ranchers and I would ask them for some, the next time they finish a cow for their consumption.

  3. bestbyfarr Says:

    I am sure you can request Beef Tendon from your butcher, I would also start looking at ethnic markets. The problem with a butcher at a grocery store is they aren’t processing whole animals, all comes in prepackage (Booooooo). For a grocery store to order tendon most likely they will have to order a 20+ # case. If you want 20#’s of tendon… then yes your butcher should be able to order anything, assuming its a real butcher. What town or city are you in? Maybe I can help source, thanks for the question.

  4. Sounds like a great recipe!

    I’m lucky to have access to beef tendons from the local Asian markets.

    I was just talking to a rancher that I get my grass fed beef from and he never heard of beef tendon before.

  5. bestbyfarr Says:

    A lot of times farmers or slaughter house don’t go and pull the tendon off, it is extra work and time. Not saying they are lazy, but the tendon is a excellent addition to stock bones and typically added to that with all the knuckles.

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