Plans for Easter?

picture-17-copyWondering what you are doing for Easter?  

Join yours truly and Taylor of Fatted Calf at Bloodhound for a rabbit feast.  $30 per plate, each plate will include a rabbit sausage, grilled rabbit and Taylor’s smoked ham, beans, salad, bacon chocolate peanut butter brownies and a beer.  There will also be plenty of Chicharrones and other fun treats.  We’re starting at 2 pm and will be grilling till 7 pm, RSVP at .  We’re real excited and hope you can make it, look forward to seeing you then. 

Thanks, Ryan Farr  

3 Responses to “Plans for Easter?”

  1. Sounds awesome — and Bloodhound’s my favorite of your fine purveyors. They need more supply on the chicharrones, by the way — dropped by on Saturday night with a crew of friends who were all hopped up with my evangelizing, only to find that the jar was empty. First round was on me.

  2. bestbyfarr Says:

    Thanks for the support and the heads up on the low supply.

  3. I’ll be at school (I’m a culinary school student). Nothing stops school. Nothing.


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