Spiced and Cured Pork Shoulder


Wash and dry cured shoulder


6 Responses to “Spiced and Cured Pork Shoulder”

  1. Looks great, but try putting “bung” on a menu. By the way, where do you get your Sichuan peppercorns? The only place I’ve seen them on order is L’epicerie, and their peppercorns are not potent at all. Not even worth buying. Thanks for the whole pig demo Sunday. I loved it.

  2. grundoon Says:

    Sichuan peppercorns (an utter misnomer in any case… not at all related to pepper) are available in just about any pan-Asian market. Look for ‘prickly ash’. I’m not sure if this labelling is a carryover from when SP were (ludicrously) banned from import a number of years ago, but that’s what they actually are anyway.

  3. Collins Anderson Says:

    I bought some at le sanctuaire 6 months ago and they were great their website is http://www.le-sanctuaire.com/

  4. bestbyfarr Says:

    Devinitely Le Sanctuaire for all things great, http://www.le-sanctuaire.com/. My favorite is the green Sichuan peppercorns if they have them in stock, much better and cleaner in my opinion.

  5. Yeah, that was my go-to, but they’ve been out of them for months. I’ll check out some Asian stores.

  6. bestbyfarr Says:

    If Le Sanctuaire is out the I would check out New May Wah on Clement, San Francisco Herb Company and of course always so enjoyable… Rainbow Grocery, they have a great selection of dry bulk.

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