Click the Turducken above to see the step by step photo essay

As requested I will be selling the fun and tasty Turduckens for all your Christmas time holiday parties.  The Turducken will be stuffed with a cornbread and chicken sausage stuffing.  The turkey, duck, chicken and all other products are fresh, free range and organic. 

There will be 2 different sizes available, 15+ pounder for $200 will happily feed 14 and a 20+ pounder for $250 will happily feed 18.  Cash and check only.  There is a limited amount available, once sold out you will have to wait till next year.

Every Turducken will include a thermometer and a aluminum roasting pan with instructions on how to cook it fully.  

Please don’t hesitate to email me (ivyelegance@me.com) or leave a comment with any questions or concerns.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Ryan Farr


One Response to “Turduckens”

  1. Hi Ryan,
    I’m Josh Capone’s Mom, Lori. I’m wondering if you can ship those Turduckens? We won’t be in the city again until after Christmas.

    Nice to “see” you online!


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